Tequila Margarita Recipe

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Tequila margarita recipe!

After the mess 2020 has thrown at us, it’s no surprise that the most googled cocktail of the year was the margarita. Because, admittedly, for most of us, everything can be fixed with a salt-rimmed glass and the crisp, bitter bite of a margarita.

But why does it have to stay a hidden memory? Why not bring margaritas back into your night or day (it’s 5:00 somewhere right?) with no other than Australia’s favourite, classic tequila brand, Sierra Tequila!

Sierra Tequila has been quenching our thirst for generations. Recognised for their skill and craftsmanship, their distillery lies in Valle de Tequila (Tequila Valley) with a state-of-the-art century-old hacienda site in Jalisco, Mexico. Here, their agave fields stand 2300-metres above sea level, which is enough to call bragging rights in the tequila industry any day of the week!

But what is it that makes Sierra Tequila taste so damn good? The secret is the agave plant. Enforced by law that tequila must be made using only the best of the agave family, the blue agave – agave tequila weber azul – making every Sierra Tequila bottle top of its craft.

These agave plants are harvested between eight to 12 years of their growth cycle by cutting off their sharp, spiny leaves, leaving only the heart of the plant left – the piña.

The real magic though, happens in the next step when the piña is steamed. This releases the juice or aguamiel of the piña which is then fermented with yeast and distilled to produce 100% agave tequila or mixed with cane sugar to create the tequila we all know and love – yum!

Have we tickled your thirst? Well, what better time to get back on the margarita train then with 2020’s Day of the Dead!

Dia de los Muertos also known as Day of the Dead, is a three-day Mexican celebration period beginning on October 31 every year. The celebrations are based on the Catholic days for remembering the dead, but it has roots going back to pre-Hispanic days. It is a time for remembering the dead, but with love, respect and bright explosions of colour. In towns throughout Mexico you’ll find the streets filled with parades, dancers, funky make-up and the iconic sugar skull masks. It’s a time for celebrations and celebrate they do!

And it wouldn’t be a celebration without tequila of course!

And, better yet, in honour of Day of the Dead, Sierra Tequila are giving away a few extra perks with their Sierra Silver Tequila bottles. With each 700mL Sierra Silver Tequila bottle purchased, Sierra Tequila are giving away two skull decorated face masks and sanitiser so you can join in on the fiesta, COVID-safe of course! This limited offer is only available at independent liquor retailer stores nationally while stocks last.

So, to help you get kickstarted on Day of the Dead celebrations, why not try this easy and delicious jalapeño-infused Spicy Cucumber Margarita recipe?

Spicy Cucumber Margarita recipe:

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